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New Job = less art

Journal Entry: Mon Aug 18, 2014, 6:29 PM
Yep, that's right. I got a job. Not an apprenticeship for Avionics like I was aiming for, but I got a job with a company that works on aircraft. I help supply parts to the guys working on the floor.
It's not a bad job. So far I don't mind it, but I've only been working for a week so my tune may change, but for better or worse I don't know. Apparently winter gets busy so hmmm. Today was a mess so I hope the rest of the week will be a bit easier. Nothing wanted to work so it made my day that much harder to the point where I have never been so done with a day.
One downside to this job is waking up at 5 am. I think there was only one other job that made me wake up that early but that was a summer job with my grandma so it wasn't something I had to do for months on end like I will most likely be doing with this job.

Another downside is not having time to draw, both at work or at home. I should never be able to have the time to doodle at work because I should always have something to do.
By the time I get home from work and catch up on my daily activities on the computer (such as twitter, tumblr, facebook etc.) I am drained and not motivated to draw. That being said, the longer I work, the more likely it is that I will get used to all the work load and hours and not feel as tired by the time I finish everything for the day. Although with tv season coming up, I will have shows to watch and I can't draw and watch TV at the same time. Or at least not very well.

What about my weekends to watch shows or draw? Sundays are pretty much a no go. I am at my local Pokemon League playing the card game during the afternoon and when I'm not doing that I am watching NASCAR (shhh dont look at me like that) or other shows. There is some time to maybe draw but not a lot since I'm also getting ready for work the next day.
Saturday is most likely the best time for me to draw, but it is also the best day to get things done around the house or to spend time with my Mom. So it all depends. I also have the occasional Pokemon Tournament to attend or judge.

So yea, thought I would let you all know. I probably wont be able to pump out a lot of art any more. Such is the life of an adult. Must say though, this getting paid thing is very nice.
Don't worry though! I still plan on making art! I have more charms I want to make and maybe make some more la emoticons (which btw I will be uploading one at a time from now on so that they can be used in comments with the add media feature. However I don't plan on separating the groups I have already uploaded into single uploads).

Eevee la icon by Kimi133


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Glaceon by Kimi133
Something quick and different. Really liked how it came out.

Pokemon belongs to The Pokemon Company
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Not So Rare by Kimi133
Not So Rare
It's a question I'm sure we have all asked at one point. Where do all those released pokemon go?
Poor trainer could have picked a torchic after all.

Pokémon belongs to The Pokémon Company
Please do not alter, distribute, sell or post anywhere without my permission.
Oh hey, I just realized, this seems to be a good way to advertise that I'm livestreaming!

find me here!
I.....don't know about this update.

why? what is this status thing? are we facebook now? just....ugh.
Twitter Dump by Kimi133
Twitter Dump
some sketches and drawings from my twitter.

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does not look good in pics

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Hum... It seems that you don't have a chibi greninja! :icongreninjaplz:
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Thank you!

and as much as I like greninja, I am not good at drawing humanoid like bodies.
Gustavolobm Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2014
You don't? That's funny, because I know alot of people who don't know how to draw dog type of body. You got some talent!
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